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about DVDedit
Set up in May 2005 by Michael Plant, DVDedit is a small independent business, specialising in Video Tape Rescue Services

 Service Update: We are NOT currently taking new orders, however if ongoing, returning or recommended customers need help please feel free to e-mail me.
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Wherever you are in the UK

If you require your Video tape recording Rescued and transfer to DVD then DVDedit could be the right choice for you.

Our services are designed around customers and clients sending their video and camcorder tapes direct to us by post or courier. All the work is carried out on our own premises, offering a friendly, easy to use, safe and secure service avoiding the problems that can occur when using high street shops or local business acting as agents .We are always happy to try and help when we can, if you would like any help or information or have any concerns or worries please feel free to e-mail us.> Contact Details

We Don't use DVD recorders!

 It's likely that you will only have your video tapes Rescued transferred to DVD once.
So probably the most important features you are looking for are quality, reliability and compatibility.

All our DVDs are individually made for you at our own premises, from your videos using digital hardware based computer technology combined with Pioneer industry standard DVD writers. This process takes almost twice as long as using a DVD recorder but we believe it offers the results our customers are looking for and along with our personal and friendly service is the reason why they come back to us, often recommending our services to their friends and family.

We can rescue recordings from any of these "UK"PAL (Standard Definition) Video tapes

** We now keep backups of all the Digital files used to make up your DVD(s) for a minimum of 30 days if you would like additional copies, editing, file conversion etc. or for us to store them for longer for you, please e-mail me before the 30 days have expired.. > Contact Details


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